Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What do you think of the Roller dollz?




  • Oct. 11th Season Home Opener Sioux Falls Roller Dollz VS Sioux City Roller Damesat the Expo Building, Sioux Falls win
  • Nov 8th, 2008 Skates of Wrath VS Bad Medisin at the Convention Center, Bad Medisin win
  • Jan 24th, 2009 Sioux Falls Roller Dollz VS North Star Roller Girls at the Expo Building
  • March 28th, 2009 Omaha Roller Girls VS Sioux Falls Roller Dollz in Omaha
  • April 18th, 2009 Sioux Falls Roller DollzVSICT Roller Girls at the Expo Building
  • May 9th, 2009 Sioux Falls Roller Dollz VS Omaha Roller Girls at TBD

Queen Elizabitch and The Painmaker! Our gorgeous founders, without them where would we be?

Sioux Falls Roller Dollz


  • 1.How many players? Five a team is on the track.
  • 2.Can guys play? No, because this is Female Flat Track.
  • 3.Is there an age limit? No
  • 4.Is there an age minimum? Yes, because you have to be 18 or older.
  • 5.Do you have to be physical fit? dont have to be in shape to do it.
  • 6.Do you ride on roller blades or skates? They wear roller skates.
  • 7.How do you win? The team gets the must points.
  • 8.Is there team? Yes, we have home teams and aw team.
  • 9.Is everyone by themselves? No, they are on a team.
  • 10.Is there cheerleaders? No, because the fanes.
  • 11.Have you ever tried it? No, because I don’t w to get hert.
  • 12.Can your Mom beat you up? Yes
  • 13.Is there a mens league? yes there is a league for men.
  • 14.Do they wear knee pads? Yes, for pe
  • 15.Do they wear elbow pads? Yes, for pes
  • 16.Do they wear shin gaurds? No
  • 17.Do they wear helmets? Yes, to peskt there haeds.
  • 18.Has anyone ever been killed? No, not on the team.
  • 19.What the worst someone has been hurt? The worst is a concusion at practice.


Jammer: Scores the points for the team and Star on their
Blockers: form the pack. They try to keep the opposite team from scoring and create gaps for their jammer to get through.
Pivots: they are in the front of the pack and are the last defense for their team.
Bout: is like a game.
Lead jammer: is the one to get through the pack first without going out of bounds or a penalty.
Out of bound: is want a jammer or other players go outside the track.
Cutting: is want the jammer going inside the track.
Elbowing: is an Illegal Hit. Fighting: is two girls or more going at it.
Flat track: is the name of the sport.
Jammer line: is the line that the Jammer starts on.
Pivots line: is the line that the Pivots start on.
Skates: is what they roll on.
Pubs: are for safe for your arms and lags.
Helmet: it’s to safe your head.
Track: is the name of what they play on.
Rookies: are the new people that are playing.
Drills: are the plays that they do.
Barites: are the little kid playing derby.
Mouthguard: to safe your teeth.